Webinar Integrated Care at NoRo Center


NoRo Center and ITHACA ePAGs organized a webinar with the topic „Integrated Care at NoRo Center” in 9th of April 2021.
NoRo Center was launched in June 2011. It is innovative in its holistic and centralised approach to rare disease care, providing a ’one-stop-shop’ for people living with a rare disease. Set up by the Romanian Prader Willi Association (RPWA), in partnership with the leading Norwegian Frambu Resource Centre for Rare Disorders, and funded by the EEA and Norway Grants, the Centre combines medical, social and educational services, for patients and their families.

NoRo provides medical and social services and works to increase awareness of rare diseases in the medical and wider community. It was accredited by MoH Romania as a Center of Expertise and participates in the Romanian network RO-NMCA-ID, one of the members of ITHACA. 

NoRo Center collaborates with the CLINICAL EMERGENCY COUNTY HOSPITAL CRAIOVA and the UNIVERSITY OF MEDICINE AND PHARMACY OF CRAIOVA in the project PROGENERARE „Upgrading medical personnel PROfessional skills regarding specialties relevant for multidisciplinary RARE GENEtic diseases management” financed by AMPOCU EU funds, which is a resource for spreading information and for trainning of medical specialist in the field of rare diseases with the goal to improve the quality of medical services in Romania, in the genetic and rare diseases area.

Dowload materials of the event:

Agenda of the event

Presentation Integrated Care at NoRo Center

Presentation Project ProGeneRare