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  1. Slideshow of pictures from RPWA activities before 2011. Activities carried out by therapists, specialists, volunteers and patients at the first APWR headquarters and the construction stages of the Noro Center.
  2. Be solidary for patients with rare diseases. The continuity, diversification and improvement of the Noro Center services are very important, they help to increase the quality of life of patients with rare diseases and their families.
  3. In Romania, centers of expertise are a necessity and an obligation because the number of patients is very high, the majorithy are still undiagnosed and they need a centralized approach.
  4. The "ARTrare forwards" project - Therapy for children with rare diseases, is funded through the Mol program for children's health. The project focused on the use of art therapy techniques: arts-plastic therapy, melotherapy and dance therapy.
  5. The NoRo Center provides a wide range of therapeutic options specific to the category of beneficiaries addressed: behavioral therapy, sensory therapy, speech therapy, kinetotherapy, hydrotherapy, massage, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, melotherapy, art therapy.