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  1. NoRo Center in Zalau was established in June 2011 and is the first unit in Romania to treat children suffering from rare diseases. The activity of this center is fruitful, so the projects that it implements are in continuous development. Each child has access to individualized therapies proposed by the center's team of specialists for each case, as well as to group therapies.
  2. The activity of the NoRo Center is based on the concept of integrated care, namely: the complex approach of the beneficiaries, involving the medical, social and behavioral dimension. Employees and volunteers from a wide range of specialties are involved: physicians, psychologists, social workers, therapists and educators.
  3. The Norwegian-Roman partnership represents a successful collaboration between the two states The Pilot Reference Center for Rare Diseases is sustained by local authorities and projects. For most of the over 5000 rare diseases known, recovery is the only solution.
  4. In organizing activities, along with representatives of the NoRo Center, volunteers are also involved, helping both children and young people to integrate more easily into society.
  5. Radio Noro, the voice of patients, was founded in order to inform and to aware the community about the health and daily dificulties of patients and their families.