Parents’ impressions about the summer camps

Saturday, August 1, 2015

For both children and parents this week was relaxing with a lot of fun activities. We thank to the volunteers who helped us, they really got involved and participated with our children in all of the organized activities.

Words are not enough to thank those from the NoRo Center, that we had the opportunity to take part in a camp organized so nice.

Apetrea Rodica, Andrei's mother


This week we felt very good, it was nice, the children had a lot of freedom, many enjoyable activities. I had the opportunity to communicate with parents of other children, with whom I shared interesting experiences.

For children was a good opportunity to socialize and interact with other children, to play anything else beside the daily routine activities.

Giurgiu Raluca, Ianis’s mother


We had a very beautiful week and we felt wonderful. We are thankful for the accommodation, food and the NoRo team, who take care not to miss anything.

For us this week was one of relaxation, I interacted with many parents, have had many enjoyable activities.

Goia Simona, Sorin’s mother