International PWS Caretaker’s Conference 2012

Trainings for PWS
07. May 2012 – 09. May 2012
Wildbad Kreuth, Germany
In 2007, at the Akademie Mont Cenis, Pam Eisen, the former president of IPWSO, was able to welcome you all to the first International PWS Caregivers' Conference and, along with us, we know that you will grieve her passing. She was the most impressive and visionary woman in our ‘PWS world’. The conference was her vision and was strongly influenced by her ideas, energy and her matchless open, winning way of life.
Inspired by this spirit and definitely inspired by the results of the 2008 and 2009 conferences and continuous encouragement from the professional world, it was not hard for the initiators of the conference to decide to continue this work.
This intention has become a concrete plan.
For two successive years (2008 and 2009) the PWS Caregivers’ Conference took place in Herne, Germany. Meanwhile the international board PPCB (Professional Providers Caregivers' Board) was founded. The Caregivers' Conference is now held every third year, this time from 7th to 9th of May in Wildbad Kreuth, Germany. The results of this conference will be part of the International PWS Conference, with the next conference being in Cambridge in 2013.
Just as in the first conference, the target group is still all those who are involved in the daily life, or at least, regular care or therapy of all people with Prader-Willi Syndrome.
The content of the conference will always be the development of international guidelines and standards regarding the direct care of those with PWS. Results from each conference are compiled with the participation of as many countries as possible, so that the results will be generic and not just from one country or culture. Likewise, registration for the conference will be apportioned fairly among countries and workgroups within the conference will have facilitators from a mix of countries.
The content of this conference is focused on training. The key topics that will be discussed are nutrition/diet/exercise, social skills, sensory motor intervention, communication, motivation, and curricular development.
This time there will be six topics to be worked on in the workgroups, which you will find in detail in the program.
Four workgroups will be repeated in block I and block II, so that there is the opportunity for many participants to work on their topic of choice.
Just as in the former conferences, the program will have plenary lectures throughout the program, some of these will serve as introductory presentations for the workgroups. In addition we integrated two lectures that you will find in every PWS caregivers conference in the future.
The „Pam Eisen lecture“ will be given by a representative from the „PWS-world“ and will deal with a current topic. This time Linda Thornton from New Zealand will give this lecture. She is IPWSO Secretary & PR Consultant but in first place a mother of a child with PWS.
The „PWS international lecture“ will be given by a representative of one of the IPWSO member countries. Fanny Cortes, Director of PWS Clinic, INTA, University of Chile, will give the presentation. The aim of this lecture is to provide information about this (new) member country’s aims, ideas, intentions and future plans (or offers).
There will also be time for us to take in some cultural and social activities, just as we did at the former conferences.
Conference fee: 450€. The fee includes the registration and three nights in the Educational Center Wildbad Kreuth with breakfast, lunch and dinner. Each additional night will cost 55€ which includes breakfast.
The conference language is English.
All further information and current additions can be found on this website.
Kind regards from the organization committee: