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  1. Adriana Covaciu has been living for years with rare cancer, chronic myeloid leukemia. She is already known for the strength she is talking about her illness, the desire to live and her success in fighting this disease.
  2. For three weeks, more than 150 beneficiaries of the NoRo Center, participate in a great camp. Together with them, the children's parents and young volunteers also take part in the camp.
  3. Rare Disease Day is an annual coordinated event internationally by EURORDIS, and at the national level by the Alliance National for Rare Diseases. In 2013, the slogan was "Rare Diseases Without Borders" and the theme was called Solidarity. New countries participating in 2013 were: Bahrain, Iceland, Israel, Lebanon, Palestine and Singapore.
  4. In 2014, the campaign took place under the slogan: "Come along with us for a better treatment!", The theme being Health Care, and among the new participating countries were Cuba, Ecuador, Egypt, Guinea, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Kenya, Oman and Paraguay.
  5. The year 2015 had as theme: To live with a rare disease. The slogan was "Day by day together", participants from 85 countries and regions, and the new countries in the campaign were: Bolivia, Estonia and Madagascar.